Warrembah was built in 1886 and is an important heritage listed historic house in Orange. Warrembah is an aboriginal word meaning "where the sweet waters meet"  and was the indigenous place name for the Drummoyne peninsula on the Parramatta River ( 1 ). The house may have been named after a tall ship named "Warrembah" originally featured in the lead lighting on the front door which has subsequently been replaced. 

The house has been used as a private residence, and for many years was owned by the Catholic Church being used as a home for retired priests. More recently, it was renovated and developed as a guesthouse and restaurant / function centre. Warrembah was severely damaged by fire in December 2006, and for nearly 5 years was derelict. Dr Nicholson purchased the property in 2011 with the aim of restoring the historic house and developing medical rooms. The original architectural features of the house have been painstakingly restored, and the large rear extension has been modified to function as a modern medical facility.

Restoration of the property has been an exciting project and we would like to acknowledge the input of our architect Wayne Petrie and builder John Nunn.


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